the calling..

i know you are right,

your reasons, are undoubtedly right.

but that doesn’t make us wrong..

we too,

have a reason for what we’re asking for..

i know you guys are afraid,

but havent you guys realize,

we too, are afraid..

and because of that fear,

we want to correct what is wrong,

we want to do what is right.

we’re drowning, and because you refuse to see things through our eyes,

you’re just pushing us deeper in the water..

help me, help us..

what if we die drowning?

can you keep living your life knowing that you could have done something about it?




Some nytes, I don’t dream, at all..

But most nytes,

I dream. dream. and dream on.

Until the morning wakes me up.

Even then,

I still dream on.

Pagi begini..

Pagi yang sejuk2,

Macam ni,

Buat hati terasa sayu,

Rasa nak menangis..

Bukan sedih, tapi sayu..

Pagi2 begini,

Reminiscent of the things I have in life..