Happy Birthday ADEK!

happy birthday adek! 🙂

skrg kamu dah 13 thn..hehe…dulu kamu kecik lg..

skrg kmu dah tggi dari akak 😦

akak rindu kamu tow x?

dlu kite pnh jln2 MidValley same2..hehe..

seronok kan, rase mcm nk gy jln2 lagi jer..

haritue kite pg jln2 genting same2..hehe..

seronok akak layan kamu..takpe nt ade peluang kite pg lagi..


hari akak nk blk india tue, kmu ade call..

tp sb duet syiling xbwk, dpt ckp sekejap je..

teharu tow akak :’)

lepas tue akak dpt tow, kmu nanges dlm toilet lps abes ckp dgn akak..

huuu…akak terigt pon rase nak nanges..

lg2 tue 1st time kamu nanges since asrama 😥


mase kamu kecik2 dlu, akak slalu jaga kamu..

kamu comel sgt3 hehe..

skrg pon comel lagi..hehe

akak lah yang ajar kmu minum pki gelas,

and jgk makan megi 😦 sory adek megi tak bgs bys msg 😦

tetibe akak makin rindu plak 😦


hehe walaupon kmu kecik lagi,

tp kadang2 kmu sgt matang..

kadang2 bile akak sedih and nanges sorg2,

kmu slalu dgr masalah akak, and ckp2 dgn akak bg hepy..


adek, akak sayang sgt ng kamu tow..

rindu sgt..:(

xpe xlame lg akak balik..

thn nie kite raye same2 okay?

boleh akak pow duet kamu kan? hehe


nt kite gy mkn ice cream same2 nak?

okey adek, akak harap kmu dpt bace nie..

and jgn kantoi dgn cikgu ICT kamu..:)


with love from india,


p/s: abg ijat wish heppy bday jgk :))


i still remember.


i got this Adidas sneakers right before i went to India.

i bought it for rm200 at MidValley.

there’s a story behind it.

i still remember.


i still remember,

i asked my Dad if i could buy a new, branded sneakers, which i can wear to class in India.

the impression i got was, it’s a bit pricey, and if it’s something worth buying for the price.

but i insisted, because i wanted something that could last longer.


and so, I went to MidValley with my sister, and bought myself, my very 1st pricey branded sneakers. i was happy, and i promised myself, i’d wear em carefully, and so it could actually last these 5years MBBS course of mine.



it’s almost 3 years since i bought the sneakers,

and i’m still wearing them.

and it’s in very good condition,

and, i must say, i believe she will last another 2years 🙂


i come from a small town,

where we don’t have too much of branded items,

even the biggest mall is VegaMall, which the name is very misleading.

recently we have 7-eleven, *finally*.

i’m not used to buying branded pricey items, the most branded i got was Bata, and 50 bucks was considered expensive!

so when i decided to buy Adidas, which at that time, was way out of my league,

though most of my friends carry around Roxy bags and purses, Nike sneakers, PDI jeans.

buying Adidas sneakers, well, i said to myself, finally i got one thing that’s expensive. must be of really good quality, and i intend to used em as long as i could.

though i know, most of my friends, change their sneakers every season.

but it’s okay,

this is the way i’m brought up, so yeah.



hari ni dapat panggilan dari msia.

di hujung talian adalah suara seorang budak comel.

w’pon telah dewasa, namun budak comel itu masih budak feveret saye.

w’pon mungkin die telah lebih tinggi dari saye, die maseh budak comel saye.

my God rindu nyeeee adek 😦

gmbr kmu pom akak xde…uwaaaaaaaaa

rolling in the deep.

i’ve been calling out for help,

numerous times.

when something bad finally reaches you,

don’t say i didn’t warned you.

don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

don’t blame it all on me,

cause you know all about it too,

but you were just in denial,

and you’ve denied me.

remember this.

this is my warning,

my reminder, to you.

of what could have been, and what not.

expectations, impressions.

these two words,

have an enormous gigantic influence on my life.

since i was little,

i was always pressured by ppl’s expectations.

i have to be this, i have to get this, this, this and this.

at one point, i was tired of trying to impress ppl.

i let go, of everythg.

i wanted to run away from ppl’s expectations.

so i dropped everything i had,

and i ran my own course.

till this very day.

i made some shitty decisions,

and made some bad ones.

the thing is,

ppl talk. and i can’t stop ppl from talking.


we were blown away, in a pretty bad way,

by what a person wrote.

and wrote, and wrote.

i was definitely devastated of what i should be doing,

when all i know is one thing,

but the odds are against me.

what am i to do?

i want to fix things, i do.

but fixing, meant one thing, and only one thing.

will they be able to accept it, once i utter the words of my wishes to them?

will they be understanding enough to grant this wishes?

will they? i ought to try, don’t i?

though i doubt they ever will.

though i know, things are far from my grasp,

things are just impossible,

still, i should try,

and today, i ask, calmly,

will you, take a look at that,

in other words, i meant, will you, ever consider that as an option?

i pray to God your heart is wide open.