Mysterious ways of Allah.

i’m a little bit lost, and i seem to have forgotten how fun and exciting it is to learn, to explore new things, to be so eager for something.

it seems that i’m just going to class as a routine, and no longer an adventure.

and this is very disappointing 😦

but today, God lead me here SitiAsiah’s, an old friend blog.

and somehow, after reading, it lifts my spirit,  and relive my passion.

Alhamdulillah. :’)


Maafkan aku.

it’s easy for me to say i’m sorry to ppl.

but once, i read about someone who has hard time forgiving others, his reason being he really want to teach ppl to learn their lesson.


malam ini, sepi.

dan semua dosa dosa ku datang mernerjah..:'(

kepada semua yang aku luka, maafkan aku..

semoga kalian maaf kan, dan aku doa kan yang terbaik, buat kita semua..

semoga Tuhan redha..

dan semoga kita berjiran, di syurga nanti..



Malam yang sepi.

there are so many things that i want to say to ‘ppl’, or just write. the thing is, i’m not brave enough. so i choose to just keep quite, and hope it goes away, forgotten. but it keeps coming back. this thought. this fear. this chill. and im even afraid to write it down. all i can do is just pray, that Allah lifts all these burden i feel in my heart. may He grants me peace, amin.

So simple, yet so perfect :)






All day long i waited for tonite..and as you can see…im freakishly happy…he made oh-so-yummy steak with mashed potato…

Tonite..was so wonderful..and nothing else could have made it better…thank you my love, thank you for all this :’)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah…im so grateful…

Ps : i named my panda ‘Po’, yes like that one in kungfu panda..;)

Thank You Mama & Ayah



i’m 23 today…i’m so happy that my parents sang happy bday song to me thru skype..

they’re so sweet and wonderful, and i’m so bless to have them..:)

Alhamdullilah, Thank you Allah…

i dedicate this song to mama and ayah, for they raise me up, for more than i can be 🙂