Roti jala.


I made roti jala for moreh last nyte. 🙂



Alhamdulillah dipertemukan lagi dgn Ramadhan kali ini.

Truth be told, I was not prepared.

This year, Ramadhan in India started the same day as Malaysia. We only knew this right after Isyak prayers. I really want this Ramadhan to be different from my previous ones. 

I want to purify and renew my heart, and my Imann.

Let this be my new beginning, Ya Allah.



It’s been awhile.

It’s been awhile since i last played bowling. It was fun back then, even though i’m not that good.

I miss all those moments, just having fun, letting loose.

Trying hard to strike, but end up masuk longkang!

yeah, moments, memories. 

All the good times. I wish i could relive them once again.